Welcome to CM Auto Detailing

Your premium detailing and valeting service provider

With 4 years plus experience in valeting and detailing cars, van, lorries and tractors coupled with 8 years experience in customer service and the retail industry we know exactly what a customer is looking for.

Expertise paired with the highest quality products available on the market, I always deliver a high quality personal service.

We pride ourselves in the full experience of getting your vehicle detailed from initial contact, pre booking inspection, job completion and the unique after care guidance.

Based outside Portadown, Co. Armagh, our premises are equipped with a state of the art security alarm and CCTV system.

We are fully insured, professionally trained and members of the International Detailing Association. We are also Matrix Ceramic Coating accredited and certified Autobead Silex Pro installers.

In short, you can rest assured that your car will be in good hands during its time with us.

Recently we completed training to become a certified Autobead Silex Pro Installer. This brand stood out to us from the rest of brands that offer ceramic coatings.  While completing the training it’s clear to see the brand wants to work with its detailers and develop coatings for the end user.

So why Autobead? Autobead offers 3, 5 and 5 year graphene ceramic coating.

The 5 year coating offers masking abilities. it masks imperfections which cannot be rectified with machine polishing. The masking capabilities also mean a darkening effect, which leaves a lasting and irresistible gloss.

If you are looking for hyper gloss and water behaviour, no matter how long you are planning on keeping your vehicle, the 5 Year Graphene Paint Coating is what your after! The water spot resistant properties make it less prone to clogging, and therefore longer lasting optimal water behaviour.

Coatings are extremely slick and it was one of the first things we had noticed when completing the training.

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